Join the movement Say As!

We want miss A’s episode on Happy Camp to air so please help to read, spread and join this movement :

If you have weibo spam this “请尽快播放missA的快乐大本营啊!
everyday to the following people:
If you don’t have weibo, make one: http://
say A have been patient enough, it’s time for miss A on Happy
Camp to air. If we do nothing they won’t air it… They will just
pretend it never happened. Our best bet is to annoy their
existence away. Right now, we have nothing to lose…



Photo by: 小龙
后期by: 面瘫xi
Credits: 佳YO

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[PICS] miss A and 2PM for Korea Tourism


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miss A reveals Chinese MV for Touch

Girl group miss A officially kicked off their Chinese debut last October by releasing the special edition of their 1st full album. Earlier today, popular Chinese video sharing site YinYueTai revealed miss A’s Chinese music video for “Touch“.

Ever since their debut, Chinese music fans were interested in miss A because of their two Chinese members Fei and Jia. This music video is a special gift to their Chinese fans. Additionally, the rapping portion is done in English.

Check out the Chinese MV for “Touch” below!


What do u think about Touch Chinese MV?


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[PHOTO] Jia with Suzy, Jokwon, Taecyeon, and others

Say A~ ini ada beberapa foto Miss A terbaru.. diambil dari twitternya Jia ini dia :


Jia and Suzy.. *huwaaaa Suzy cute banget aaaaaa* Baca lebih lanjut…

miss A’s Suzy causes 2PM’s Taecyeon to be jealous


Kisah cinta antara karakter drama selalu menarik untuk ditonton, tapi apa yang terjadi ketika orang mencoba menerjemahkannya ke dalam dunia nyata?

Kejadian menarik terjadi selama “Dream High” para pemain diwawancarai oleh “Entertainment Relay”.

Selama wawancara, reporter itu bertanya Suzy, “Antara Taecyeon dan Kim Soo Hyun, mana yang paling mendekati tipe lelaki idamanmu?
Suzy, setelah ragu-ragu, memilih Kim Soo Hyun, Baca lebih lanjut…